Welcome to
Singha Thai Restaurant
1.    EGG ROLL THAI (2 egg rolls per order)                                                                                                 $4.25
                    Mix of ground pork,carrot,clear noodle

2.     SATAY CHICKEN (6)                                                                                                                                    $9.95
                    Marinated chicken serve with peanut butter sauce and sweet cucumber sauce    

3.    TOD MUN (5)                                                                                                                                                      $9.95
                     Deep-fried spicy fish cake served with sweet cucumber sauce

4.    CRAB PUFF (8)                                                                                                                                                   $7.95    
                     Deep -fried wonton skin stuff with imitation crab meat and cream cheese

5.    SHRIMPS ROLL (4)                                                                                                                                          $5.95
                      Marinated shrimp wrapped in wonton skin

6.    SHRIMP TEMPURA                                                                                                                                        $9.95    
                      Deep-fried shrimp and vegetable

7.    MEE KROB                                                                                                                                                            $4.50       
                      Sweet crispy rice noodle served with bean sprouts and green onion

8.    SPRING ROLL (2 long rolls)                                                                                                                         $4.50
                      Cold Thai crepe filled with bean sprouts, cucumbers, tofu, egg top with
                      Plum sauce carrot and green onion

9.    FRIED TOFU                                                                                                                                                      $4.95
                      Deep-fried bean curd served with special sauce

10.    KEO TOD (8)                                                                                                                                                   $4.95
                       Chinese fried wonton stuff with marinated pork

11.    TID BIT                                                                                                                                                             $9.95
                      Combination: beef egg roll, satay, shrimp roll, crab puff, and vegetable

12.    FRIED SQUID                                                                                                                                                $11.95
                       Deep fried light batter squid
13.    FRIED MUSSELS                                                                                                                                         $1195
                       Pan fried mussels with bean sprouts and eggs

                                                                  THAI SALAD

14     SOM TUM (*)                                                                                                                                            $8.95
                       Green papaya mixed with spicy or mild sauce

15.    YUM TALAY                                                                                                                                                  $12.95
                      Combination of seafood: shrimp, squid, mussel, and vegetable served on
                      top of lettuce

16.    YUM WOON SEN ( * )                                                                                                                               $10.95
                      Mixture of clear noodles with shrimp and chicken lime juice and green onion

17.    YUM NEUR                                                                                                                                                   $12.95
                     Slice of beef mixed with onions, cucumbers, green onions, and hot sauce

18.    NAM TOK                                                                                                                                                       $12.95
                     Mixture of beef and onions in spicy seasoning served with lettuce

19.    LARB                                                                                                                                                                 $12.95
                      Ground beef or chicken with Thai seasoning serve with lettuce

20.    EGG SALAD                                                                                                                                                  $11.95

21.    NAMSOD ( * )                                                                                                                                               $12.95
                       Freshly steamed chicken or pork flavored with lime juice, ginger, peanut,
                       green onion, and lettuce

22.    YUM YAI ( * )                                                                                                                                              $10.95
                       Chicken and shrimp mixed with cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes,
                       egg, and homemade sauce

23.    NOODLES SALAD Choice of meats                                                                                                   $11.95
                       Fresh carrots, cucumbers, noodles  with your choice of crispy chicken or pork
                       topped with peanut and homemade hot sweet and sour sauce.

24.    TOM YUM Chicken ( * )                                                                                                                        $12.99
                      Traditional Thai style lemon grass soup with chicken and mushroom

25.    TOM YUM Shrimp                                                                                                                                  $14.99

26.    TOM KAR KAI ( * )                                                                                                                                 $12.99
                       Thai style soup with chicken and mushroom with coconut milk         

27.    SUKIYAKI (Choice of chicken, beef, or pork)                                                                           $13.99
                        Mixed vegetable and eggs with bean tread noodles, served with tofu sauce

28.    PO TAEK                                                                                                                                                     $14.99
                        Combination seafood with Thai sauces

29.    TOFU SOUP  w/ Chicken                                                                                                                    $12.99
                        Bean curd in clear broth mix with chicken and vegetable and green onion
30.    RICE SOUP Chicken                                                                                                                             $10.99

31.    RICE SOUP Shrimp                                                                                                                               $14.99

32.    WONTON SOUP (Pork)                                                                                                                      $ 10.99

33.    NOODLE SOUP ( * )                                                                                                                              $  12.99
                       Beef noodle soup cooked Thai style with bean sprouts

34.    YEN TA FO                                                                                                                                              $12.99
                      Consists of fresh rice noodle and fish balls in a red-colored broth with
                      fried garlic oil and red chili sauce, topped with fried wonton

35.    BAHMEE NAM SAI                                                                                                                            $12.99
                     Golden noodle with pork, shrimp, fish balls, bean sprouts, and green onion

36.    BAMEE PET SOUP ( * )                                                                                                                    $12.99
                     Golden noodle with roast duck, collard green, and green onion

37.    BAHMEE MUDANG SOUP ( * )                                                                                                    $12.99

38.    NOODLE PORK SOUP ( * )                                                                                                             $12.99

39.    SINGHA SOUP Seafood                                                                                                                   $12.99
                     Chopped imitation crab meat and shrimp topped with ginger

40.    WOONSEN SOUP                                                                                                                              $12.99
                     Clear broth with bean tread noodle with pork and vegetable

                                                    TODAY SPECIALS

41.    NANA NOODLE                                                                                                                                   $12.95
                     Stir-fried your choice of  Beef, Chicken, or Pork with bell peppers, onions
                     in sweet and sour sauce serve on top of green noodles.

42.    NANA NOODLE  Shrimp                                                                                                                 $15.99
43.    TERIYAKI TUNA                                                                                                                              $13.99
                     Seasoned with teriyaki sauce and served with carrots and cucumber salad

44.    CRISPY SESEME SHRIMP                                                                                                            $13.99
                    Deep-fried shrimp in sesame battered come with crispy noodle             

45.    GREEN CURRY CRISPY FISH                                                                                                     $15.99
                   Battered catfish top with Stir-fried green curry sauce with green bean,
                   hot pepper and basil leaves

                                                    THAI FRIED RICE

46.    THAI FRIED RICE (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                                      $10.99
                  Fried rice with tomatoes, broccoli, onion  and choice of meat

47.    THAI FRIED RICE Shrimp                                                                                                             $10.99

48.    CURRY FRIED RICE (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                                  $10.99
                 Fried rice with curry powder topped with onion and serve with cucumber

49.    CURRY FRIED RICE Shrimp                                                                                                         $13.99

50.    BASIL FRIED RICE (C,B,P) (**)                                                                                              $10.99
                Fried rice in sweet dark sauce mix in hot pepper and basil leaves

51.    BASIL FRIED RICE Shrimp                                                                                                            $13.99

52.    VEGTABLE FRIED RICE                                                                                                            $10.99

53.    PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE                                                                                                               $10.99
                 Fried rice with chicken and shrimp, pineapple, and baby corn

54.    SEAFOOD FRIED RICE                                                                                                                   $10.99
                 Fried rice with shrimp, imitation crab meat

55.    SINGHA FRIED RICE (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                              $10.99
                 Fried rice mix with corn carrot and sauces

56.    ALMOND FRIED RICE (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                            $10.95
                Choice of meat with tomatoes, peapods, onions, and topped with almonds.

57.    ALMOND FRIED RICE Shrimp                                                                                                    $13.99

58.    ALMOND FRIED RICE Tofu                                                                                                         $10.99

59.    KUNGCHIANG FRIED RICE                                                                                                        $11.99
                Slice fried Chinese sausage with onion and vegetable

60.    MUDANG FRIED RICE                                                                                                                   $11.99
                Fried rice mix with B.B.Q Pork and collard greens.

61.    PHUKET FRIED RICE ( * )                                                                                                             $11.99
                Choice of Chicken, beef, or pork fried rice with hot curry paste top with
                egg and serve with cucumber

62.    PHUKET FRIED RICE Shrimp                                                                                                     $14.99

                                       NOODLE THAI STYLE

63    PUD THAI                                                                                                                                                $11.99
                 Stir-fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, eggs, ground peanuts, tofu and
                 top with green onion

64.    PUD THAI ( Choice of Chicken, Beef, or Pork)                                                                      $16.99

65.    PUD THAI Shrimp                                                                                                                               $18.99

66.    LARD NAR (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                                                         $12.99
                 Choice of meat cooked with broccoli in brown gravy sauce

67.    LARD NAR Shrimp                                                                                                                            $15.99

68.    LARD NAR Seafood                                                                                                                          $19.99    

69.     PUD SIEW (Chicken, Beef, or Pork)                                                                                            $12.99
                 Choice of meat stir-fried big rice noodle with broccoli in thick sweet soy sauce

70.    PUD SIEW Shrimp                                                                                                                            $15.99

71.    PUD WOON SEN                                                                                                                                $12.99
                 Stir-fried bean thread noodle with chicken, shrimp, egg, and vegetable

72.    PUD KEE MAO (Chicken, Beef, or Pork)                                                                                $12.99
                 Stir-fried wide rice noodle with vegetable  hot sauce and choice of meat

73.    PUD KEE MAO Shrimp                                                                                                                   $15.99

74.    SINGHA NOODLE (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                                           $12.99
                  Stir-fried noodles with vegetable, eggs, curry powder with your choice of meat

75.    SINGHA NOODLE Shrimp                                                                                                            $16.99

76.    BAHMEE LARD NAR (Chicken,Beef, Pork)                                                                           $12.99
                  Crispy egg noodles topped with thick gravy , collard greens and choice of meat

77.    BAHMEE LARD NAR Shrimp                                                                                                     $16.99

78.    BAHMEE LARD NAR Seafood                                                                                                   $19.99

79.    GROUND BEEF NOODLE                                                                                                            $12.99
                  Fried big noodle topped with stir-fried ground beef in curry seasoning

80.    CRISPY BASKET (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                                       $14.99
                  Crispy noodle topped with stir fried meat with mushroom, onions, 
                  bean sprouts, carrots, peapods, bamboo shoots in spicy sauce

81.    CRISPY BASKET Shrimp                                                                                                       $16.99

82.    CRISPY BASKET Seafood                                                                                                       $19.99

83.    STEAK NOODLE                                                                                                                            $16.99
                  Pan-fried big rice noodles with oriental vegetables in gravy  topped with slices
                             A LA CARTE (On the rice)

84.    PUD GAROW (*)                                                                                                                            $10.99
                   Stir-fried your choice of meat sautéed with basil leaves, hot pepper, garlic,
                   and mushrooms

85.    PUD GARPOW Shrimp                                                                                                               $13.99

86.    THAI PUD PRIK (Chicken,Beef, or Pork) (***)                                                          $ 10.99
                    Hot pepper, onion, stir-fried in spicy sauce with your choice of meat

87.    THAI PUD PRIK Shrimp                                                                                                           $13.99

88.    GARLIC PEPPER                                                                                                                          $10.99
                   Choice of meat stir-fried with black pepper and garlic

89.    GARLIC PEPPER Shrimp                                                                                                         $13.99
                                                  RICE ON THE SIDE

90.    SUB GUM                                                                                                                                        $12.99
                   Mixed vegetable stir-fried with your choice of meat in white gravy sauce

91.    SUB GUM Shrimp                                                                                                                         $15.99

92.    CHOP SUEY                                                                                                                                    $12.99
                  Mixed vegetable stir-fried with choice of meat in brown gravy sauce

93.    CHOP SUEY Shrimp                                                                                                                    $15.99

94.    SINGHA CASHEW DELIGHT                                                                                                $12.99
                 Specially selected chicken stir-fried with green pepper, mushroom, peapod,
                 and cashew nuts in dark sauce

95.    SINGHA CASHEW DELIGHT Shrimp                                                                                $15.99

96.    BROCCOLI                                                                                                                                       $12.99
                Choice of meat stir- fried with broccoli in oyster sauce

97.    BROCCOLI Shrimp                                                                                                                       $15.99

98.    SINGHA SUPREME (***)                                                                                                         $12.99
                Choice meat stir-fried with mix vegetable in house special sauce

99.     SINGHA SUPREME Shrimp (***)                                                                                        $15.99

100.    SEAFOOD COMBO (***)                                                                                                         $17.99
                Combination of seafood stir-fried with vegetable in dark special sauce

101.    PLA LARD PRIK (**)                                                                                                                 Market Price
               Crispy whole fish topped with fresh chili sauce

102.    PANANG BEEF                                                                                                                            $13.99
                Sautéed beef in special red curry sauce, basil, and coconut milk

103.    KANG GREEN CURRY (***)                                                                                                 $13.99
                Choice of meat in green curry sauce, coconut milk cooked with bamboo
                shoots,  hot pepper, green pea, and basil.

104.    KANG GREEN CURRY Shrimp                                                                                           $16.99

105.    KANG DANG (***)                                                                                                                     $13.99
                Choice of meat in red curry sauce and coconut milk with bamboo shoots,
                hot peppers and basil

106.    KANG DANG Shrimp                                                                                                                $16.99

107.    MUS SA MUN (***)                                                                                                                    $13.99
                Sautéed tender beef  in  special curry sauce, coconut milk, potatoes,
                and peanuts

108.    GINGER CHICKENS                                                                                                                  $12.99
                Stir-fried slices chicken with ginger, onions, pineapple and mushroom
                in white sauce

109.    TERIYAKI BEEF                                                                                                                          $12.99
              Vegetable topped with broiled slices of beef seasoned with teriyaki sauce

110.    HOU MOK PLA                                                                                                                              $12.99
              Steam fish and cabbage in curry paste with coconut milk, hot pepper, and basil

111.    ROASTED DUCK                                                                                                                           $10.99
              Slices roasted duck in dark sauce served with collard greens

112.    KANG PA (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)(***)                                                                                  $13.99
             Stir-fried meat in curry paste, bamboo shoots, hot peppers, baby corn, carrot,
             peapod and basil leaves

113.    KANG PA Shrimp                                                                                                                           $16.99

114.    PUD PED SQUID (***)                                                                                                                $20.99
             Stir-fried fresh squid with special curry sauce, onion, green onions,
             baby corn, carrots, and hot peppers

115.    OYSTER BEEF                                                                                                                                $12.99
            Tender beef, mushroom, and onion sautéed in oyster sauce

116.    SWEET & SOUR DELIGHT                                                                                                      $12.99
            Stir-fried vegetable with choice of meat in sweet and sour sauce

117.    SWEET & SOUR DELIGHT Shrimp                                                                                     $16.99

118.    PEPPER STEAK                                                                                                                            $12.95
            Stir-fried selected beef cooked just right with bell pepper, tomatoes,
            and onions in brown gravy sauce

119.    VEGETARIAN DELIGHT                                                                                                        $10.99
            Stir-fried combination of fresh vegetable

120.    VEGETARIAN DELIGHT Shrimp                                                                                       $15.99

121.    CURRY VEGETARIAN                                                                                                             $ 10.99
            Stir-fried combination of fresh vegetables with mild curry sauce

122.    CURRY VEGETARIAN Shrimp                                                                                            $15.99

123.    THREE DELIGHT                                                                                                                       $12.99
           Stir fried choice of meat with cucumber, tomatoes, and onions

124.    THREE DELIGHT Shrimp                                                                                                        $15.99

125.    PEAPOD BABY CORN                                                                                                                $12.99
           Stir-fried choice of meat with baby corn, peapod, and carrots in light sauce

126.    PEAPOD BABY CORN Shrimp                                                                                                $15.99

127.    BEEF CHILI (*)                                                                                                                               $12.99
           Stir-fried beef in hot peppers, onions, green onions, and green peppers

128.    CHICKEN PEANUT SAUCE                                                                                                     $12.99
           Special peanut sauce serve over cooked chicken and fresh cucumber

129.    CRISPY FISH WITH CHILI                                                                                                     $15.99
           Pan-fried catfish fillet with hot sauce

130.    SINGHA CHICKEN                                                                                                                      $12.99
           Cooked chicken mixed with sweet chili sauce serve on top of vegetables

131.    RAMA BEEF                                                                                                                                     $12.99
           Stir-fried beef and broccoli topped with peanut sauce

132.    SINGHA TALAY                                                                                                                            $25.99
          Stir-fried shrimp, squid, imitation crabmeat, and scallops with vegetables,
          mushroom, celery, peapods, baby corn and onions

133.    COLLARD GREEN                                                                                                                         $ 10.99
          Steam collard greens topped with oyster sauce and black pepper

134.    COLLARD GREEN (Chicken,Beef, or Pork)                                                                  $12.99

135.    COLLARD GREEN Shrimp                                                                                                 $16.99

136.    PUD PRIK KING (**)                                                                                                                   $13.99
          Curry paste stir-fried with choice of meat and green beans

137.    PUD PRIK KING Shrimp                                                                                                           $16.99

138.    GREEN AND TOMATO                                                                                                           $12.99
          Stir-fried beef, green peppers, tomatoes, black bean in dark sauce

139.    KAREE CURRY (C,B,P)(***)                                                                                                   $13.99
          Traditional southern Thai yellow curry in coconut milk mix with 
          potatoes and onions

140.    ASPARAGUS SHRIMP (**)                                                                                                     $19.99
          Sautéed shrimp cooked with asparagus in house special hot sauce

141.    SINGHA SPICY CATFISH                                                                                                        $16.99
          Battered catfish fried until crispy, coated with  spicy Thai red sauce
          mix in green bean

142.    SALMON CHOO-CHEE                                                                                                              $17.99
          Steam salmon topped with choo-chee curry sauce and basil

143.    PATTAYA SHRIMP (*)                                                                                                             $22.99
         Whole shrimp stir with ground pork, onions, tomatoes, peapods, baby corn,
         and carrots in special sauce

144.    PUDPEDTALAY                                                                                                                           $25.99
         Combination seafood: shrimp, squid, scallops, cooked in red curry
         and coconut milk and peapods, onion, hot peppers, and basil leaves

145.    ALMOND                                                                                                                                         $13.99
         Deep-fried choice of meat cooked in dark sauce on top of broccoli
         and topped with almond

146.    ALMOND Shrimp                                                                                                                         $16.99

147.    BASIL NOODLE                                                                                                                            $12.99
         Stir-fried rice noodle, pork, and vegetable  in dark hot sauce

148.     SINGHA STEAK                                                                                                                          $17.99
         Slices of marinated pieces of charbroiled beef tenderloin serve on top
         of vegetable and topped with gravy

149.    PEANUT BEEF                                                                                                                             $12.99
         Slices of  beef mixed with hot and sour homemade sauces mix with fresh
         cucumber, onion, and ground peanuts (salad style)

150.  TERITAKI SALMON                                                                                                                  $16.99
               Season salmon in teriyaki sauce serve with shredded carrot and cucumber

                                SINGHA THAI SPECIALS

151.    KHAO MUN KAI                                                                                                                           $12.99
                          Cooked chicken serve on top of special seasoning rice served with home
                          made hot sauce and  soup

152.    KHAO MU DANG                                                                                                                          $12.99
                            B.B.Q. pork serve on rice and sauce with cucumber and onion

153.    KHAO COOK KAPI                                                                                                                       $12.99
                Fried rice with shrimp paste served with dried shrimp, egg, and sweet pork

154.    SINGHA WING                                                                                                                              $10.99
                Deep-fried marinated chicken wings topped with Thai sweet chili sauce

155.    BAH MEE PET (Duck) (*)                                                                                                          $12.99
                  Egg noodle with roasted duck, bean sprouts and top with peanut
                  and green onion

156.    BAH MEE MUDANG (Pork) (*)                                                                                               $12.99
                  Egg noodles with barbecue pork, bean sprouts and top with peanut 
                  and green onion

157.   WONTONLARDNAR(Chicken,Beef,or Pork)                                                               $12.99
                Fried wonton topped with vegetables and meat in light gravy

158.    WONTON LARDNAR Seafood                                                                                         $18.99

159.    YUM GOONG (Shrimp Salad)                                                                                                   $16.99
                Shrimp mixed with tangy lime juice dressing, onion, and hot sauce 
                serve on vegetable

160.    YUM PLA MUK (Squid Salad)                                                                                                  $16.99
                Mixture of squid, onions, and spices, dressed with lemon juice  
                and serve on vegetable

161.    SIZZLING HOT PLATE (**)                                                                                                      $25.99
                Stir-fried shrimp, mussels, imitation crab meat, squid and vegetable in
                a house special hot sauce. Serve on a sizzling plate

162.    RACHA CHICKEN (**)                                                                                                               $20.99
                Batted chicken serve on top of cabbage and carrot and topped with
                house special sweet chili sauce

163.    CHARCOAL CHICKEN (Half)                                                                                                  $ 12.99
                Thai style marinated chicken serve with sweet chili dipping and a side 
                of cucumber salad

164.    SINGHA BEEF                                                                                                                               $12.99
                Slices beef marinated in special sweet ginger sauce cooked with sesame 
                seeds and serve on top of vegetable

165.    TANYA Chicken                                                                                                                            $20.99
                Battered chicken on top of Napa vegetable and topped with home made dark
                plum sauce and ground peanut

166.    TANYA Shrimp                                                                                                                              $25.99

167.    TANYA Tofu                                                                                                                                   $13.99

168.    TERIYAKI CHICKEN                                                                                                                 $12.99
                Slices of white meat chicken serve on top of vegetables in teriyaki sauce

169.    RED SEA SUB MARINE                                                                                                            $15.99
                Marinated squid stuffed with ground pork and shrimp cooked in 
                Sweet and hot tomato sauce

170.    EMERALD SHRIMP (**)                                                                                                          $25.99
                Battered deep-fried shrimp serve on top of cabbage and carrots and top with 
                the house special sweet chili sauce

171.    GOLDEN CHICKEN                                                                                                                      $21.99
                Pieces of crispy chicken stir in red hot peppers, minced garlic, 
                green onion, and ginger

172.    ROYAL CHICKEN(*)                                                                                                                   $15.99
                Stir-fried chicken, onion, carrots with special sauce

173.    SPICY CHICKEN(**)                                                                                                                  $16.99
                Stir-fried chicken with peanut sauce, water chestnuts and topped
                 with green onions.

174.    SALMON GARLIC                                                                                                                        $16.99
                Pan-fried seasoning salmon with crispy garlic serve on vegetable

175.    CRISPY SHRIMP                                                                                                                          $25.99
                Mixture of salty crispy shrimp, crispy garlic, green onions, and hot peppers, 
                serve on crispy noodle

176.    THAI SPICY NOODLES                                                                                                             $12.99
                Rice noodles cabbage and bean sprouts in homemade spicy meat (pork) 
                sauce and topped with shredded carrots.
177.    CASSEROLE NOODLES                                                                                                             $12.99       
                Rice noodle topped with stir-fried chicken with mushrooms, carrots, 
                snow peas, baby corn, and bamboo shoots in dark soy sauce

178.    SALMON GREEN CURRY (***)                                                                                             $16.99
                Salmon in green curry sauce and coconut milk cooked with bamboo shoot,
                green pea, hot pepper and basil

179.    BBQ PORK FRIED NOODLE                                                                                                    $12.99
                Stir-fried noodle with barbecued pork, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, and hot     
                chili sauce

180.    CHICKEN PEANUT SAUCE NOODLE                                                                              $12.99
                Rice noodle and shredded cucumber and seasoning chicken topped with 
                special seasoning peanut sauce

181.    BEEF BLACK BEAN NOODLE                                                                                                $12.99
                Stir-fried beef with black beans, hot chili sauce, onions, red pepper, 
                and yellow pepper

                                          STEAM RICE

182.    STEAM RICE     $2.00
183.    STEAM RICE (Large)    $3.00

                                           THAI DESSERTS

184.    SWEET WONTON   $3.00
185.    THAI CUSTARD   $3.00
186.    STEAM TAPIOCA           (with coconut)  $3.00
187.    STEAM BROWN RICE   (with coconut)  $3.00

188.    DOMESTIC BEER   $4.25
    Miller lite, Genuine Draft, Miller, Sharp’s

189.    IMPORTED BEER  $5.25
    Singha (Thai beer), Tsingtao (Chinese beer) 
190.    WINE (Glass)  $4.25
    Rhine, Chablis, Rose`, Burgundy
    PLUM WINE ( Glass)   $5.00

191.    SOFT DRINK    $2.00
    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke, Orange Soda, Mountain Dew


193.    COFFEE ( Instant )   $2.00

194.    HOT TEA ( Charge per person ) $1.00

195.    ICE TEA ( Refills )  $3.00

196.    THAI ICED TEA  $5.00

197.    THAI ICED COFFEE  $5.00

198.    BUUBLE  $5.00

(*)    : Hot, Medium, or Mild
(**)    : Hot or Medium
(***)    : Hot

(C,B,P)  : Choice of Chicken, Beef, or Pork

Extra     : Chicken, Pork, Beef, Tofu     $7.00
Extra     : Vegetable     $5.00
Extra     : Shrimp, Seafood    $10.00    
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