Please read this thourougly

  • Please call to place an order. We are offering curbside pickup or meeting at the door. 
  • We sanitize the pens and clipboard before AND after you sign and in between customers.
  • PLEASE CALL WHEN YOU GET HERE. We don't want an influx of people waiting by the door. If you didn't prepay on the phone, curbside is NOT an option.
  • Free delivery to hospitals 
  • We offer delivery from 3 pm - half an hour before close for a $2 fee within an 8 mile radius. During our peak times, we cannot deliver. We only have one driver, and they're helping with carryout/answering the phone. The best time for deliveries is before 5 and after 7pm.  
  • Our phone lines do get busy during peak hours. Your best option is to wait, and try giving us a call again.  We only have one phone line. 
  • You can get delivery ANYTIME through Doordash. We did not include everything in our menu. We only have our most ordered items.
  • When ordering with Doordash, please DO NOT put price altered items in the special requests. If you need to change or add something, please contact Doordash. This causes a delay in your order because we need to contact Doordash to request the change. They have long wait times for calls, and it slows down our takeout process. 
  • Please do not contact us here for an order. We don't check our emails in a timely matter during these times.


This is the information we need when we ask for payment. Some of you are concerned why we ask for CVV and or your zip code. We cannot change it, it's how our system operates.

Thank you for understanding!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to call us. We deeply appreciate you supporting our small business during this time!